Who doesn’t love a raunchy, lady-led comedy? Find out this week when Derek (@DerekMiranda85) and Karen (@KarenMPeterson) sit down to talk DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS.

As always, featured reviews are done in two parts, a NON-SPOILER review with letter grade and brief discussion, followed by a more in depth SPOILER review.


In search of a fresh start, two women embark on an impromptu road trip to Tallahassee, Fla. However, things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals along the way.

Directed by: Ethan Coen
Written by: Ethan Coen, Tricia Cooke
Starring: Margaret Qualley, Geraldine Viswanathan, Beanie Feldstein, Colman Domingo, Joey Slotnick, C.J. Wilson, Pedro Pascal, Matt Damon

*Clip from DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS courtesy of Focus Features.

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