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311 — The Creator | Top 5 21st Century AI Films

One of the hottest topics in media right now is artificial intelligence, so this week we’re talking about it. @DerekMiranda85 and @KarenMPeterson review the new film THE CREATOR, plus share their top 5 21st century films about AI.

As always, featured reviews are done in two parts, a NON-SPOILER review with letter grade and brief discussion, followed by a more in depth SPOILER review.


As a future war between the human race and artificial intelligence rages on, ex-special forces agent Joshua is recruited to hunt down and kill the Creator, the elusive architect of advanced AI. The Creator has developed a mysterious weapon that has the power to end the war and all of mankind. As Joshua and his team of elite operatives venture into enemy-occupied territory, they soon discover the world-ending weapon is actually an AI in the form of a young child.

Directed by: Gareth Edwards
Written by: Gareth Edwards and Chris Weitz
Starring: John David Washington, Madeleine Yuna Voyles, Allison Janney, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Ralph Ineson

*Clip from THE CREATOR courtesy of 20th Century Studios

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